The TOOTH FAIRY TRAP (Chapter book)

by Rachelle Burk

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This Connecticut school chose The Tooth Fairy Trap for their annual “One School, One Book” program. For more photos and projects, click HERE.
After reading The Tooth Fairy Trap, Dozens of K-2 students at a Connecticut school used their ingenious engineering skills to create their own fairy traps. They used cardboard boxes, Styrofoam take-out containers, Tupperware, and even empty water bottles. The fairies were baited with everything from flowers and candy, to a party, waterslide, and dreamy new home.
About the author:
Rachelle Burk is a writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry for children.

Her books include Tree House in a Storm, Don't Turn the Page!, The Walking Fish, and others.  Rachelle's work has also appeared in national publications such as Highlights for Children and Scholastic Science World classroom magazines.

Rachelle is a popular children's entertainer, performing as "Mother Goof Storyteller" and
"Tickles the Clown." In a parallel life, she works as a social worker and rescue squad volunteer.

The New Jersey author loves to share the joy of reading and writing through dynamic
School Author Visit programs. For more information, visit her website:

The Tooth Fairy Trap
   by Rachelle Burk

Illustrated by Amy Cullings Moreno

Bluma is a young tooth fairy who is allergic to her own fairy dust. She faces many problems during this night of tooth collecting, but her biggest challenge is Bradley's fairy trap. Bluma can succeed in collecting his tooth only with the help of the boy's grouchy hamster, and a few things she has collected through the night.

68 pages/illustrated paperback

By Amazon Customer
This is a charming, magical picture book about a super cute tooth fairy and her adventures as she does her duty visiting the various children's homes during the night. Children will be enchanted by the story as our young tooth fairy, Bluma, tries to come up with a clever way to get the tooth from Bradley without falling for his trap. To do so, she must come up with ideas and enlist the help of a furry friend.

The language is simple, yet playful and lovely. The black & white illustrations by talented artist Amy Moreno complement the book perfectly. The Tooth Fairy Trap is a beautifully written tale that will delight children and adults alike. Highly recommended!

Format: Paperback
The Tooth Fairy Trap is adorable from start to finish. This early chapter book is both captivating and easy to read for both boys and girls. My kids loved reading about Bluma's nightly adventures of visiting children's bedrooms to collect teeth, and trying to come up with a plan to outsmart the dreaded Bradley who once again has set a fairy trap. I loved how the illustrator included the author's books on one of the children's bookshelves, and how the author included her own children's letters to the tooth fairy at the end of the book. We'll be reading this over and over again. Loved it! I can't wait to read her other books.

By Margot Finke on December 3, 2014
Format: Paperback
The Tooth Fairy Trap, a chapter book, tells a fun story about a Tooth Fairy named Bluma. She is dainty and dedicated, yet she still has much to learn before she perfects her craft of loose tooth retrieval. Bradlee is her nemesis, devising Fairy traps an old Gnome would envy. Yet helped by a reluctant hamster, Bluma is able to complete her night’s work, as well as outwit Bradlee.

Amy Moreno’s delicately fey sketches fly from page to page. They help create a magical mood. I recommend Tooth Fairy Trap to any child with a loose tooth—plus those who love fairy tales. 5 stars

Format: Paperback
A sweet and engaging early chapter book that both boys and girls will enjoy. Bluma, a tooth fairy allergic to her own fairy dust, must use her wits and determination to capture Bradly's tooth - without getting caught in the trap he set for her. She continues on her nightly rounds to other children's homes as she collects their teeth, and is able to also use her clever resourcefulness to outwit Bradley - with a little help from Bradley's mischievous hamster. Charming b&w illustrations bring Bluma and the rest of the characters to life.

Format: Paperback
What a charming, whimsical book! Perfect for children transitioning to reading chapter books and discovering the spell-binding worlds they can visit on their own. Burk uses wonderfully evocative language that will engage young readers. Her use of imagery and overall tone are respectful, playful and thoroughly delightful. Amy Moreno's illustrations perfectly capture the hijinks. What will Bluma's next adventure be? What child doesn't want to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Tooth Fairy??

Format: Paperback
What a great story and the perfect gift accompanying the "Quarter" you leave under your child's pillow! Your child will delight in Bluma's adventure and will surely try to make the next lost tooth occasion as exciting as the ones in the book. I especially like how the tooth fairy dealt with a fake tooth to get additional treat are the actual letters to the tooth fairy from the author's daughters at the end of the book.


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